I mentioned before that I've rented my guest room to a young man in the 3rd phase of the CR police Academy.
It's working out so well with Nathan that I've been able to have my gardener back again for winter clean-up. So when Nathan pays me his rent, I call the gardener and schedule a gardening appointment.
Well, it seems that the garden needs a lot of work and almost all of the rent from Nathan is going to the gardener.
Nathan and the gardener had not met in October and now in the middle of November they did. 
It seems that on his time off, Nathan enjoys the comfort of wearing a kilt, which he had on, on gardening day.
I introduced them outside of my front door.
Of course we talked about the kilt.
I said, innocently, I thought!
Doesn't Nathan look cute in his kilt?
That invitation to comment was all the gardener
needed start an outrageous flirt with Nathan.
Did I mention that my gardener was gay?
I hustled Nathan inside and shut the door.
The gardener said 'I can't believe that you did that!'
I replied, ' You were outrageous and he's my
renter and he's engaged.'
He said, 'Did I come on too strong?'
'Yes you did.' We laughed.
Later, I asked Nathan if he was offended.
'No', he said, 'I was flattered'.


On Fridays and Sundays
secrets are posted here
which have been sent in
on post cards. 

Some are angry
some are confessional, 
and others
touch the heart

Do you have a secret?
And what would it be?




My computer ate my camera photo chip. Yes it gobbled it right up. I inserted my xd chip into the slot and the computer swallowed it. I am taking the naughty, greedy thing into Shaw's Computers for an extraction. Pics for Dexter's blog are on there. I am having a difficult time convincing him that he didn't do anything wrong in our delay to post on his blog. Steve came by today and did a lot of work in the garden. He pruned and cleaned up for winter bedtime. Spring tells me that if I don't take pictures of his work so that she can report, she's quitting her job. Thankfully Rexy's happy because his Halloween cards are a real hit! In the human world I'm getting a lot done because Nathan's here. And because Nathan pays rent Steve's here, so the house and garden are looking better.

I am having a heck of a time trying to update my primary blog template, I updated, then couldn't adjust the particulars. Then I gave up and tried to revert to before and lost all my pretty add-ons. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. There is just so much a person can handle at one time.
Photo: I am having a heck of a time trying to update my primary blog template, I updated, then couldn't adjust the particulars. Then I gave up and tried to revert to before and lost all my pretty add-ons. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. There is just so much a person can handle at one time.

I am so happy with what I accomplished today. I finally got the computer over to Shaw's for the swallowed camera chip. I gave the cute older helper $5 tip. Then found out that he was married-I want my $5 back. I think that I'm just kidding-yes, I really am. The idea of a real relationship just exhausts me. But I digress. Dexter got his nails clipped at Stephanie's and I took pictures for Dexter's He was pleased and hoped that it wasn't too much trouble. I worked out, visited with emotionally and physically exhausted Lois. We'll get together later for garden club tomorrow. Then I found some make-up I like at Walgreen's. I bought it from a very helpful, sweet sales lady. Oh, yes, got gas, not me, for the car. Then picked up the mail, which included my calling cards. Gave 1 to Dawn since she is in the 'Loleta' post on tiffiny and friends. Came home, ate, took a nap and now will probably be up half the night.
My kind of fun day playing in Fortuna with everyone I met!




I just watched the movie The Fountain Head, again. It been years since I first saw the movie based
 on the book by Ayn Rand . I also read the book with the same title. At that time I was completely enthralled by and in love with the concept of ethical and artistic integrity. Being young it was easy,  at the exclusion of life based on reality, to champion moral concepts.
At age 21 I married and lived a comfortable suburban life. At age 32 I was divorced and abandoned without the necessities for life, such as housing, food, etc. Yes that was possible and common in 1975 and yes that situation would not only bring a change in belief but, for me a revolutionary new addition to my belief system. Social programs were a necessity for those who fell out of the main stream even when following what was desirable and expected. A female of my era was expected to marry. To do otherwise was suspect. Also I could envision men without jobs because of lay offs not of their own doing, and the poverty of males who went to war for their countries instead of college.  All of these real scenarios accumulated in me to understand that the dance between individual creativity whether artistic or industrial and the social needs of others must be flexible and in flux.
That ability would not be possible under any other political system but our own.
After WWI Americans were tired of war and wanted no more. After WWII the economy shot upwards and took off. Prosperity was blooming everywhere. The threat of Communism' began to seed and perhaps to some seemed altruistic and appealing.
Ayn Rand who was born in Russia and originated the philosophy of 'Objectivism' could very well have known what would happen under a system which would ignore the gifts of the artist who creates for self fulfillment only and not for the initial benefit of others. Although we all do benefit eventually.
For me, the flaw in her system is that it is ridge with no room for any change much like it's opposite, totalitarian socialism.

She also wrote another wonderful book called. Atlas Shrugged with the same theme of what happens when artistic integrity and individuality are stifled and an attempt is made to subvert these attributes.

Keep flexible America and take the temperature of the democracy often so that the line can be adjusted often.