Kyle broke his leg

As most of you know, I went to Southern California to attend a continuing education meeting at Cedar's Sinai and to visit my friend Helen on the way in Daley City and my friend Donna in Orange County. I planned on being away for about 3 weeks. The 300ish mile drive down to the bay area was great, pleasant and easy. Dinner and good conversation with Helen very enjoyable as usual. I planned on a new untried route to the L.A. , Orange County area which involved the switching of 2 freeways to highway 152 cutting over East to the 5 south to go straight through. Now for my non California blogging friends, the 5 So. goes through about 300miles of flat mostly barren dessert with some crops of irrigated fruit trees. The drive is long, fill with hug trucks, boring and forever, but it is the shortest, fastest route. The 152 surprised me! The drive was beautiful! There was apart that went through forrests and hills which reminded me of pictures of the Italian Mediterranean. I was enjoying it so much, right up to the time I came over a hill and there before me was the Pacific Ocean! I had gone the wrong way.Until that time, I didn't realize that I had a problem with east and west, but there it was, the Pacific Ocean not the dessert. I reversed course and went back. The 152 inland turned out to be an expedient and good cut over, but I had lost 2 1/2 hrs. driving time by going the wrong way. I was still feeling so good that I kept going and made the 400 mile trip to Donna's by 9pm that evening. It was okay.
What a joy to see my friend. We talked for days. I helped her some with reorganizing her laundry area. We did laundry and talked and ate and had fun. Donna's is on oxygen most of the time and it is hard for her to accomplish very much on her own. Her daughter Cassandra is very good about helping out and so is Mori her exhusband who takes care of the yard. It's funny how some people can be better friends when they are no longer married. Anyway, Mori has been a doll. Donna and I were about ready to 'attack' her 1st bedroom, getting it ready for her to sleep there when I got a call from Stacey Thursday morning telling me that Kyle had broke his leg skate boarding. Although it was very upsetting news there was nothing I could do, so I decided to stay at Donna's. We planned Easter dinner at Mori's with the rest of the family. I was so much looking forward to seeing everyone! Friday Donna wanted me to call about Kyle, but I didn't want to distract Stacey with a call and nothing would change with his leg until the following week when it was time for the hard cast. I planned on tentatively leaving early in the week instread of staying an extra week. But dear, dear Donna has very good wisdom, which I might add, her family under values because she is so emotional, and she called Stacey and Sachio answered and said that the bone settings were not right and that he need to have it reset, maybe with surgery.
That did it, I had the car packed and was out the door in less than an hour. I planned on driving to just north of San Francisco then stopping at a motel for some sleep so would get to Eureka by Saturday morning. I took the East Bay route to avoid The City, but got lost and ended up in S.F. hunting down the 101 No. Finally found it and was zipping out of town across the Golden Gate trying to make up time when I was pulled over by the cutest young patrol officer. He had me pull off the fwy before stopping. He asked me if I was in a hurry? Yes! I said, "My grandson broke his leg and may go to surgery and I had to get home and that it was probably best that he pulled me over because I was so upset and I knew that I was too much in a hurry." He wrote me up for a 'fix it ticket' for my taillight, but not for speeding. Now, I didn't 'get out of' a ticket. I am not that clever. I just told the truth. I drove slower, but I still did speed, just not 75 in a 55. I found that I couldn't stop, I would just pace the floor if I did. I needed to get home! So I made the almost 800 miles in 12 1/2 hours and was still too keyed up to go right to sleep when I got home. Rexy was so very excited to see me. Check out his blog. I didn't call the kids as it was about 1:30 am. I went over there early the next morning. Kyle's resetting went very well, the first one, by the ER doc was off by about 1/2 inch! The Orthopod corrected it under anesthesia which helped Kyle's pain levels quite a bit. Kyle had fractured both bones in his right lower leg just above the growth plates in his ankle. We were concerned that if it wasn't done right that that tibia growth plate may be damaged and that the leg may not continue to grow. Scary stuff. I also wanted Kyle to know that he's loved enough and valuable enough for me to get back to him. He gets uncomfortable and we must rearrange his leg cushions often, recover him with the comforter, get his fluids and food, and help him to the bathroom. I brought over my shower chair from my garage attic storage so we could bathe him seated with the leg wrapped in plastic out side of the tub-shower. Stacey needed help. Attending Kyle is a full time job. Sachio helps and so does Ryan, but they are not the mom. I run errands, do laundry, and anything else Stacey needs help with, like being with Kyle while she takes a shower. It's like having a new baby in the house. Ryan, my youngest grandson and Kyle's brother is so used to being 'the baby' of the family, it was hard for him to see Kyle getting all this attention. The accident through off the whole of the family dynamics. Ryan and I had a talk ( I talked, Ryan whined) about how dangerous Kyle's break was. I took a pencil and broke it explaining how Kyle can't put weight on the bones and how he may lose height if the leg is bumped, or disturbed in any way and how it's his turn to take care of Kyle. Ryan was wonderful. He stopped whining and helped Kyle. Later Kyle needed to be reminded that Ryan wasn't his slave. I love them both so much.
Aine came over for Easter and brought salad and carrot cake.We hid plastic eggs on the couch for Kyle while he was in the bathroom and around the house for Ryan.
Stacey rented a bunch of movies and video games. Then we ordered Pizza from Round Table. Veggie, Pepperoni, Sauage and Mushroom, and a half Hawaiian and half Garlic Chicken. It turned out to be a great Easter for which we were all blessed and greatful.