I had a lovely time gardening today. No pressure, just doing some end of summer clean up. I've noticed that Spring refuses to discuss the garden with me let alone post what she's been observing in the garden. She's angry and says that I've let her rust and that is thoughtless and rude of me. I knew about her concern in this area, but explained to her that I just haven't gotten around to the chore of getting her in shape. 'Just my point' she says. I've also told her that rusted garden art is all the 'rage' and that she's in vogue just the way she is, but she doesn't buy it and counters with her job-her reason for existing-isn't as garden art, but as a continuing, lasting and vital reporter on the garden. She's just not a static art object! I felt pretty sheepish at this point and promised to attend to her soon. She then gave me the final dig of exposing the fact that I have resisted putting Flame the flamingo in the garden yet until I preserve her with a spray protectant. I felt so guilty at this point that I committed to starting work on her tomorrow. She's also insisted that I produce pictures of her before and after her rejuvenation and let my readers decide whether she was right in her indignation.
What else can I do? She IS such a value to the garden family and her blog really is an important communication about that family, so I humbly agreed to her requests (demands).
If you're not familar with Spring and her blog, check her out by clicking on her name.

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