Another blogger on
'My Own Treasure Island'
told of a prom night experience of
hers' which was a dream night come
true only to be ruined by cruel kids.
I think that the 'humiliation' was
theirs, not hers, but I am no longer 14. Her
challenge for us is to relate our 'Most
embarrassing Moment' on our own blog with a
reference back to hers. So here is my story:
My mom and I moved from the freezing
winters of northern Indiana in a small town to
glamorous Hollywood California in 1960 when I
was a tender seventeen years old. Now this was
when Hollywood and Vine was truly glamorous
and appearing on a TV show, any TV show would
be the best 15 min's. of fame anywhere. If only
all those freezing people back in the Midwest who
didn't appreciate me any way could only see me
now! (and quiet all those nasty rumors about
anyone who moves to California MUST be
pregnant). Well we did get tickets to some game
show. I really don't remember which one. I was
thrilled and just knew that they would pick me.
They didn't, but while sitting in the audience near
the end of the show all of a sudden every bright
light in the world was shining in my face and the
host was asking me an obviously easy question.
A deer in the headlights would have had more of
a warning than me. Who was I? Where was I?
What's a question? Vaguely I heard voices
around me whispering from many miles away
something that I was suppose to answer. I
finally parroted whatever it was that was said.
I 'won' a set of encyclopedias and hoped that
every TV set in Indiana had died that day.


  1. I like your story. I bet if you had a video of that show it wouldn't be as bad as you remember.

    I was born and raised in the Valley (SFV) and my father's office was in the Taft Bldg on H&Vine. When I was rather young, probably 10, my dad obtained tix to "Queen for a Day". Do you remember that show? My great aunt was visiting from Indianapolis and Mother drove the three of us to the old Earl Carroll Theatre which later became the Hullabaloo and then Aquarius Theatre. I remember thinking "those poor women..." Whoever had the biggest sob story became "Queen for a Day" and was crowned and cloaked and won a washer or some such thing. It was probably all rigged but what did I know?

  2. Thanks, California girl, you're probably right, but you know how intense teenagers are.
    I remember a friend of mine told me later that I did look scared. What! NOT COOL just scared, how humiliating. To me the self acceptance of maturity is worth giving up the beauty of youth. Tiffiny