This is my cousin Billy's wife Barbara. Isn't she beautiful! Now I just need a picture of him and a pic of them both for here and my scrapbook.
I discovered Billy on when I was researching family history for the genealogy scrapbook I am composing for the boys. I was thrilled! I hadn't seen Billy since we were both young adults and then he didn't remember me too well, yet I had the fondest memories of him when we were very young children.
I am sending Billy all the old family pictures from my possession and in return he is cleaning them up and processing them so that I can put them into the album. I will make him an album too at the same time. Billy and Barbara are big family history buffs so I think that they will enjoy it. I do have some photoshop and other photo software that I want to learn so I can do some work myself, but since the rats ate the speaker wires I don't have audio right now (Oh, that story is for another blog).

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