This Album was 1st publish in 2009. Since I am
doing more paper crafting, I thought that it should
be re-introduced.

The images were a challenge
since they mostly consisted of dated Polaroid
snaps, many faded and poorly composed. To have
them done professionally would have been cost
prohibitive, I just started by taking them to
Wallgreens and copying them. They turned
out so well and then scrapbooking flaws turned out
charming. The first challenge
here was to learn how to use my camera well
enough to be able to take a picture of the
scrapbook page. I had to get close, but didn't want
blurry pictures. I had to figure out how to turn off
the flash since it reflected because of the closeness.
I got a simple auto because I never wanted to do
any of this. Well I knew that I had to since I wasn't
happy with the close up photos I did for Spring's
Garden. So, I hunted around and found the manual
and did my homework. They turned out pretty well.

Stacey was born in Puerto Rico and
this picture was taken soon after
we came home from the hospital.
I bought this album kit knowing that
I had to do a wreath around her
composed of pastel baby animals.
I was lucky to have the
pastel velum dot paper.

Extra butterfly cut outs are a nice touch.
These pictures were taken in our living room
in Puerto Rico. In this tropical climate as
little clothing as possible is the most comfortable.

I did a rather exotic layout here due
to Stacey's red booties and the
tropical country

The glued on sequins were fun to do


Family in Southern California had a baby
shower for us and then sent the gifts.

Stacey's first Christmas back in California
I loved this paper, it matched my dress so well.

I love the casualness of these photos
with the palms in the background of
the typical Southern California City.
It was a good choice not to edit any
of it out.

Cute layout, don't ya think?!

I love scrapbooking. I think that my style is
simple, but bold.

Felt embellishments are so hot in
scrapbooking right now

I must have the right paper for every

Finally: I did think of scanning in my
pages, but I don't know how to use
my scanner yet either.
So much to learn! What fun!

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  1. Tiffany:) Awesome Scrapdbook. Wow! Sunday evening 1am just felt an earthquake. We have an apartment above a garage and it rocks hard.
    Scary just went to check on Andy, he's okay. Just wanted to be near him:) I'm inspired me to start scrapbooking again. Pray tell when were you in 'Puerto Rico'? My folks Island of enchantment...Tell me more:) Wrote you four comments on your Garden blog, and with questions...Love your creative projects. When do you find time & energy:) Reminds me of the Energizer Bunny always making your life & blogs beautiful. Meanwhile I'm singing'I can do all things thru Christ who stengtheneth me', thinking: I say: I can, I will and I must. Girl you give me ideas, thanks. Your enthusiasm is really contagious. We really enjoy you & your wonderful blog...keep up the great work:)
    p.s. the pictures of your baby darling girl and cat are so precious. Good idea about taking the pix to Walgreens. Thanks again...Always Appreciate you & yours, Ana & Andy :)