Yeah, this is Loleta.
Population about 750
Oh, there are a few more store fronts,
but basically this is it.
I was born in a small town and grew up in a
slightly larger town, but not even close to this
small. Oh sure, it's different here than in
Indiana where there were more than a few
miles between towns and here we are almost
a suburb of either Fortuna or Eureka. Two
other bigger towns. I dwell on this
because I came from Los Angeles which
is HUGE. And now I am back where I feel
cozy and safe, like when growing up.
 This Dawn from the Post Office. She can
sell you stamps, mail your packages and
also keep you 'posted' on everything
that happens in town. 
 The Loleta Bakery is busy daily except Sunday
and Monday with the best and most delightful
lunches and pastries. Folks come from all over
the county to charm their taste buds.
 And this is the lady that makes it all happen.
Jeanne (I'm in the pink) won't settle
for anything but the best.
The bakery is expanding to next door
 where the meat market was.
 Pixie has moved the Loleta Meat Market
down the street next to the Gilded Rose.
 The move is so recent that Pixie
hasn't received her new sign yet,
but the front is quite attractive with
loads of parking.
 The side window of the Meat market is
all ready for Halloween. I wonder if
they will treat!

 The Loleta Cheese Factory
is fairly well known everywhere
for the flavorful cheeses that they
make on site.
And will mail gift baskets anywhere.
I once told my friend Andrea that she
could do this for her relatives back in
Wisconsin. I didn't get my faux pas,
until she glared at me! 
A viewing window where one can
watch the magic happen.
 The opportunity to taste a variety
of cheese before purchase can be
a lot of fun!
Here with sampling available are
the Specialty Cheeses
a real treat for the palate.
I've had them and they literally
melt in the mouth. 
 A large room to the far left of the store
displaces and an extensive Gift Shop
with foods and pottery ware to delight.
I know that I am sounding like a
commercial, but my home town
is so very special and lucky to have
such specialty business to rival anywhere.
 Out the side door from the gift shop
is a delightful well kept garden
with tables and chairs where one
may eat their cheese snacks or bring
their lunch.
The above picture is of the succulent  garden.

 The rose garden which is almost done
for the season has a few blooms left.
In the background
the old unused weathered red brick
powdered milk factory still stands.
It takes up the whole block across
from the Cheese Factory.
I could go on more about of the richness
of my home town since these are just
the main highlights, but I will cover
in time, some other places and areas as I
describe more about my experiences.
Oh yes, there are the ducks, the chickens,
the cows, the ocean, the sunsets and
Cannibal Road (but I don't go down there). 

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