Blogging is relatively new to me. My main motive was to write about my experiences with family and friends and thereby keep everyone in the loop and for them to know what was going on with each individual or group. However the responses I've received about this simple undertaking have been quite astonishing. My daughter when asked if she had looked at my blog, responded "Oh, mom, I know all that stuff you wrote". But, when we looked at it together, she kept replying, "I didn't know that"! My friend Nancy avoided answering me when I asked if she had looked at it. Then finally at lunch she crossed her fingers in front of me and said "Enough already, I don't do blogs". What's THAT supposed to mean. Is it like I don't do books, or I don't do museums or movies? Blogs are so unique and different I couldn't quite understand, but saying so would have sounded like arguing. Finally I said to her, please, "It's like I just bought a new dress that I am quite proud of and you won't even LOOK at it. Would you please, just look at it? That's all I'm asking".
She agreed to look at it, but had 'lost' the address. I haven't sent it to her yet. Do you think that I am pouting? Hum. My friend Helen was quite excited for me that I took on such a splended new undertaking. I kissed her as tears threatened to well up in my eyes. After all, this blog has become my own creation and has taken on greater meaning to me than I originally intended. Helen then said that she thought maybe some people thought that I expected them to follow what I was writing on a regular day-to-day basis, becoming a responsiblilty. No, I protested! I just wanted them to look at it! -well maybe occasionally. My friend Shirley can't see small print, so she's not interested. Donna and her daughter Cassandra have shown an interest. My friend Aine doesn't have a computer so I printed it out and gave her a copy. She loves it.
Aine's daughter, Laura looked at it and said that she liked it.
My friend and vet, Erzsi, who sends me an annual Christmas letter, which I like because it keeps me update about her family life, says she won't look at it because she doesn't have time. I've emailed many others with the news and the blog address, but I don't know if any of them have looked. I've gotten more hits than I expected from such specifically personal ramblings, but I don't know who these people are or if they will ever return or even why they would.

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