I haven't had this much fun since I first started card making. It all started when I received a hand made card from a friend. The feeling that I got when I opened the envelope and looked at something someone else had gone to the trouble just to send to me was incredible. I felt cared about and special. I knew then that I wanted to give this gift of loving to others and dove into stamping with a passion. Of course I had to have all the paraphernalia that went with the craft. I found that I never met a stamp that I couldn't use. Oh, the techniques and tips which I gobbled up, as quickly as I could, never choked me. I swallowed with gusto! Luckily I had a good job and made enough money to support my addictive habit! Who knows what length I would have gone to to get what I wanted if I couldn't make my own money. Perhaps standing on street corners with signs saying:
" Will work for Alcohol Ink".
I never thought that I would scrapbook, that is too much like cut and paste with someone else's artwork. How little did I know. One day it just occurred to me-Stamping IS using someone else's artwork. I don't want to necessarily be an original purist, I just want to assemble creatively, so off to the scrapbooking venues with gusto, I went. To the stores, websites, card parties, I went for 12 x 12 papers, albums, and all and any ephemera I could get my hands on to make the perfect page. Now I am retired with a craft room that looks like a crap room jammed with STUFF for a lifetime and no money to buy MORE!!! Then my sweet daughter comes along and innocently suggests that I join Facebook, it is so much fun and keeps one in touch with friends almost daily rather than by the occassional email. So I did.

I immediately recognized that a line or two about me wasn't enough! I had to have more, so I explored blogging and here I am . Can't sleep, up all night learning electronic techniques. Must have more ideas! I roam from site to site for ways to enhance my pages. How do I get THAT background page template? How come they can put pictures mid blog. What's an Html? What's an URL? How many images (they are so much like pre colorized stamps) can I save to my documents before my computer crashes!
I go over each posting (blog) with intense care.
I refine daily.
I search other people's blogs for techniques. I haven't dressed for days. I GOTTA GET OUTA TOWN. Hey, I'm back. I LOVE it all.

p.s. Know any good techniques or interesting ways to do stuff?

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  1. oh honey there are tons and tons of sights that tell you what to do and how to do it.
    you will go crazy... next thing you know you will be designing your own backgrounds and headers.