When Did You Become An Adult!!!

As I was leaving my daughter's house last
evening at about 8p.m. you were asked to
walk me to my car which was parked on the
street. On the front porch, I said that you
didn't need to walk me all the way out.
You can just watch me from here. "No
grandma, I can't. I'm walking you all the
way out." No, you don't have to, I replied.
"Yes, I do", you said firmly. Your tone of
voice surprized me. How adult. How
determined. It was So. You were walking
me out and that was that. Last I looked
you were a typical, some what argumentitive
thirteen year old. Who was this man who
was seeing me safely to my car? I was used
to kids your age who either laughed at or
were dazed by mannerly expectations.
Wow! I thought. When you start dating,
if you treat young girls this way, their
mom's will be in heaven.

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