I am the Friggin' Happiness Fairy.
I've sprinkled happy dust on you.
So Smile, dammit.

I often receive very
interesting emails from my
friend Jacque. In fact, she
IS one of the most
interesting people I know.
I have some comments to
make about that email
which I have following here.
I'll save my comments for below hers.
DVD based upon a book Happy for No Reason:
7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out .
Available in paperback at, by
Marci Shimoff (Author), Carol Kline (Contributor)
Because the author's position is that happiness is
a self-help, bootstrap, inside job, my attention
was captured immediately. The author's position
is not based upon "airy fairy" supposition, but is
based upon current scientific thought and
experiementation with interviews with various
scientist who are experimenting with ways to
change the brain. As one scientist put it, the
brain is plastic and can continue to change up to
the day we die. How we feel, what we think
about changes the brain chemistry. Good
thoughts and emotions give us beneficial
chemistry and visa versa. This is all very much
in sync with what Abraham teachesSo,
I love it,natch!
Yes, I sent my money in and will receive the DVD
in time. Cost a lot because it's a contribution to
PBS. Well, that's as good a way to spend money
as anything else I've bought lately,
like that vacuum cleaner.
Jacque's reference to happiness and brain
chemistry reminded me of a day many years
ago when I was a young housewife and not
a particularly happy person. I remember
being in my livingroom doing some chore
when suddenly I was 'flooded' with happiness
of such great magnitude that I told myself
that I should always remember this moment
as it was unusually significant. I probably had
a surge of estrogen! None the less it was a
wonderful moment for me.I have for most of my
life chased a disire for happiness. At one time, like
most girls, I thought it would be when I met Prince
Charming.Well when HE didn't work out, I thought
happiness would come from being self sufficient and
self supporting. That actually helped, but it didn't bring
the real thing.Getting nearer to God came the closest
at one time. I think it was that God and graditude go
hand in hand. It really is hard to be self centered and
grateful at the same time. But He didn't really work out
either.After time, I managed to get things that I truly
wanted. A house, a new car, a little financial security,
really good friends,loving grandchildren, my daughters
forgiveness, 6 cats, 2rats,and decent neighbors.
Finally, after about 60 or so years I found
out in group therapy that I wasn't really
EVIL inside
(now at the same time it was outwardly news to me that I
believed such a thing) it was then as time passed I
gained the contentment that I now have inside
and I can honestly say that I am a happy
person.So does this mean that happiness can
be ours with a little help from internal drugs
and having a good self image?I guess so
except that for me, the estrogen is gone and
I REALLY saw myself in the mirror yesterday
so the good self image is shot!I think that the
therapy thing and God worked the best as vehicles to
allow me to appreciate my other gifts, oh and it does
really really help to have a GOOD vaccuum with 6 cats.


  1. WOW, I haven't been back since you changed EVERYTHING!!!! I love it. The red is just so awesome. And...... the slideshow...woo hoo fantastic. I too love fairies. Have you ever seen Deb Wood's Fairies???? she is amazing most of her fairies sell for over a grand. She is on my blog roll.
    Creative hugs

  2. make sure you go check out todays post as I think you need a new post
    be prepared for many folks to come visit your blog looking for instructions. I can do it if you like but I thought it would be wonderful for you to do it and get your blog out there.
    hugs V