I had lunch with my friend Andrea today and she
mentioned that if I am going to have a blog for my
friends that I had an obligation to 'keep it up'.
I was stunned. I definitely agree and I have been
feeling a little guilty for letting it go, but I truly
didn't think that anyone was really interested.
Most of the 'hits' I get aren't from people I know.
The last time I talked to Andrea about the blogs,
she said that because of health issues that she
couldn't sit at the computer to read very often.
My daughter says she's too busy, Shirley says
that the print is too small for her to read, Nancy
won't even look at it under threat of....well you
get the picture. I went over all this in another
post previously entitled click on:
from March 18th. Also, I reminded Andrea
that she didn't check any of the boxes about
wanting to know more about anything and she
didn't leave any comments, but that I am so
pleased that she is interested and that really does
encourage me to post more often. Now that I
can get my pictures off my camera and into the
computer will definitely help.
Andrea asked me about Kyle and how his leg
was healing. He is doing just Great! He's in a
walking cast now and can even take it off for
I went to Ryan's baseball game for the 1st time
last Friday and Saturday. What a thrill to see
these small young boys play such a great game
with such concentration and purpose. This is
their first year at 10yrs old and they are
My stomach has been acting up again lately,
this has been going on since before Feb. when
I went to the E.R. (see Feb. post click on:
-I added pictures of me in E.R.-
check it out and see how CUTE I look-sic!) so
I went in for upper and lower scopes. The tests
are a cinch with versaid (a short term memory
loss and anti anxiety drug-I am not sure of the
correct spelling). I also had a gallbladder US
which showed that I have stones, but I really
think that my symptoms are from my stomach.
I have an appointment with my surgeon
tomorrow (he did the scopes) and being a
surgeon he will suggest gallbladder removal,
but since I am a reluctant patient and NOT
convinced my problem is my gb he won't get
too far with me. I'll report what he finally says.
I have been doing tons of gardening lately and
enjoying every second. I plan on taking some
pictures tomorrow for SPRING to report on.
Check out her blog for the latest gardening
REXY is so thrilled that he got pictures of
himself on his blog and lets you know how
wonderful he is!!!
I am done for now, but check back often,
since I will be keeping up with my posting.

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  1. Hi! I've just answered you question over in the blog help, not very good at explaining so I popped over to see! Your post Not another damn blog...hasn't got it's true title, probably because when you were just starting out it didn't get done, but no matter, blogger's used the first few words of that post, if you go and click on that title you'll see at the top in the address bar blogger calls it blogging-is-relatively-new-to-me- paste and copy that whole title, go back to to edit your new post...high light the words not another damn blog, click on the hyper click and copy it in, once it's saved, when you go back to your blog the words not another damn blog with be a different colour (If not you can change that in your settings) but it WILL link back to that older post!!